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Make the Unthinkable Thinkable With Your Own HOTS FRANCHISE

If you’re looking for a restaurant franchise concept that operates like a well-oiled machine, offers reasonable investment costs, and, most importantly, serves up craveable foods loved by EVERYONE, you’re in the right place.

Building from the Ground Up takes time

Building from the Ground Up takes time

As people with entrepreneurial mindset, we all want more time in the day doing what we love when we want to. We are capable, disciplined, and hardworking. We know we can work toward achieving our hopes and dreams without anyone watching over our shoulder. If only we have enough time.

Building a strong restaurant brand takes so much time and financial resources. The food business can be daunting and risky. Especially now, with so many challenges such as labor shortages and high supply-chain costs gumming up the works.

To leapfrog other competitors in the already crowded market, there’s really no secret but a tried and tested marketing and operations system, an all-star front- and back-of-house team, and a sensational A+ menu.

Building from the Ground Up takes timeContrary to popular belief, franchising isn’t an “easy way out” for people who want to own a business.

It’s a lot of work. And it comes with some risks.

But with a HOTS franchise, you won’t have to go it alone.

Founded in the college town of Binghamton, NY, HOTS is a low-key, fast-casual concept serving up phenomenal American favorites… fast and hot, all day long – and late into the night.

Our franchising model gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to achieve all their business goals. Our best-practice system allows you to reap the benefits of our over 10-year labor of culinary love. Once you’re ready, we’ll pass the operational torch onto you, putting you in charge of fulfilling your own dreams.

Still, we won’t ever leave you stranded.

Instead, we’ll always be on hand to guide you to financial freedom and to point you toward a better, more exciting future for you and your team.

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Find Yourself a Better Franchise Partner

David Whalen, owner of Binghamton HOTS

Since first opening its doors in 2011, HOTS has evolved into one of the most popular Binghamton-area restaurants. Most recently, during the Pandemic, we have been consistently featured prominently on food delivery platforms such as Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash.

A huge favorite among college students and professionals, HOTS quickly adapted to the pandemic era by speeding up training and operations to meet rising customer demand for warm comfort food in a work-from-home world.

If Freedom is Your End-Game and you’re
not afraid to do whatever it takes to get there…

… Now is the time to get unstuck in life and live up to your full potentials. It’ll be worth your time. Trust us, we’ve been there.


    Experience in the restaurant industry is helpful, but it is not required. We look for dedication, passion and managerial experience in our partners. If you are a pro at building and leading strong teams, we want to hear from you! You get bonus points for being able to open and manage multiple restaurants.

    We will be on-site to assist you and your team as you prepare for your Grand Opening. Binghamton HOTS provides a training program that consists of classroom sessions and on-the-job training, and you will receive a copy of our confidential operations manual that will help you run your daily operations smoothly.

    The projected initial investment range for a single unit franchise is between $122,850 and $213,450. This amount includes an initial franchise fee of $25,000. As with any new business venture, it is important that you have the capital needed to adequately fund your new business.

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer direct financing to franchisees. We are able to provide references to financers and lenders on a case-by-case basis.

    Franchisees pay a royalty fee equal to 5% of gross sales. These fees allow us to grow with you by funding our support services, marketing tools, training programs, and systems upgrades.

    Franchisees must spend a minimum of 1% of gross sales each month on local marketing.

    Franchisees will also contribute up to 2% of gross revenue to our greater marketing efforts. This funds the development and execution of marketing materials and campaigns that elevate the Binghamton HOTS brand.

    The initial term of your agreement is ten years, with two successor agreement options of five years each.